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Mega Zee-18 Series Sheeting Specifications

All the sheet piling can be cut to the length you need it. The sheet piling can be used to prevent erosion to protect shores.  Cross Section
Mega Zee-18 Series Sheeting Cross Section
Section Type
Lb/Square Ft.
Lb/Lineal Ft.
Sec. Mod.
Moment of Inertia
Coating Area
Per Pile Per Ft. of Wall
MSZ18 - 312.31221.0349.7234.57709.76300.167.51
MSZ18 - 340.3422.8854.1037.54772.11326.537.52
MSZ18 - 350.35023.5655.6938.60794.26336.077.53
MSZ18 - 375.37525.2359.6741.30851.28360.017.54
MSZ18 - 406.40627.3364.6044.70923.55390.787.5

Bent Corners

Bent Corners
  • Outside Corners Only On Heavyweight Sheet Piling
  • Corners Maybe Bent To Any Degree Up To 90 Degrees
  • Custom Capping, Tie Backs, Waling, Fabricated Corners, Tees and Slip Joints Are Available
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